I handle WordPress so your CTO doesn’t have to

WordPress development and support for tech companies. Stop wasting engineering time on the company blog.

Your marketing team needs to publish content, but your engineering team is overworked. Can you afford to pull developers to fix a blog post? Every minute a developer tinkers with a WordPress plugin is a minute they aren’t working on your product.

I can handle WordPress development for your company, fitting seamlessly into whichever workflow or web host you use. I communicate directly with your marketing team to get their development tasks done quickly, saving everyone the headache of roping in developer resources to make website changes.

What I do:

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On-call support for marketing teams

When your marketing team needs a developer to answer a question or make a change, they can call me directly. Instead of pulling engineers off important tasks, they can get what they need fast.

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Updates and maintenance

WordPress plugins need frequent updates and constant attention. Sometimes conflicts break the site after an update, and that takes time to fix. But you can’t leave them sitting there: Most WordPress hacks happen when plugins aren’t updated.

I will keep your WordPress sites up-to-date and alert you if something needs your attention.

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Full site builds & development

Have an idea for a new company site, or a landing page for a new product? I can build it end-to-end.

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Integrating your product with WordPress

Want to launch a plugin for WordPress, but have no idea where to start? I can guide you to what will and won’t work for your entry into the WordPress space.

Your development partner in WordPress

When it comes to accounting, payroll or legal, your company probably outsources some (or all) of the work. You probably hire consultants to improve SEO or help with marketing campaigns. But for some reason when it comes to company websites, you’re looping in your CTO to set up a blog. Why not outsource the less critical development tasks to me?

Need someone to build a new page on the marketing site? Send it over, I can help!

Have a question about how to do something in WordPress? I’ll answer the phone and record a video walkthrough so you never need to wonder again.

Customers having difficulty using part of your WordPress site? I’ll talk to them directly and solve the issue.

Unlike many freelance developers, I do not disappear: I get projects done on time, within budget, with frank communication throughout the whole process. I can work with your team or any outside consultants to get the job done.

I will not outsource your projects

Here’s something you’ll never hear me say:

“Oops, our developer left and I’m not sure how to fix that”

– Agency that hired out your project because they couldn’t do it themselves

If you’ve been hurt by WordPress agencies who sold you custom development but secretly passed your project off to programmers from Timbuctoo, I can provide a shoulder to cry on!

When you speak to me, you speak to the developer, period. I won’t hand your site off to 3rd parties and hope for the best.

Who am I, exactly?

I’m Andy, a software developer from Idaho. Please to meet you!

I’ve been building software and working with WordPress for over 10 years.

There is no development task in WordPress that I can’t handle. Theme modifications, custom plugins, site speedups – I’ve done it all! I follow standard WordPress development practices and document everything I do in easy-to-understand code and prose.

I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I’ve worked for product companies as a full-time software engineer. I’ve launched several fully-featured Rails applications.

Frankly, I don’t think much of my degree. And some of the best programmers I know are self-taught. But all of this is to say: I know software development, and I’m not hacking together scripts from Google results. Your WordPress site will be in good hands.

Interested? Let’s talk!